The Move to Wordpress

A Gypsy Soul has moved to Wordpress and gone through a rebranding!

You can find me over at Chasing Departures

I'm so excited to reconnect with you all again!

The Statue of Liberty from Afar

I work two jobs. Simple as that. One job I get to stay in town and be a normal person, another job has me going east coast to west coast and everywhere inbetween in a matter of days.

Why Spain is Calling Me Back

Plaza Mayor

Ever since going to Spain the summer between the end of my high school years and the start of my college adventure I have been dying to go back. My host family has been asking me to come for a visit for some time now and I have been dying to say,  "Yes, I'll be there next week." Unfortunately, obligations of my new adult life (a.k.a. class and work) have proven difficult to work around.

Yellowstone in a Day

Yellowstone Park sign outside Cooke City, MT 

A couple weekends back I had an opportunity to go to Billings, MT and I couldn't refuse. Since I had an extra free day that weekend I made my way over to Red Lodge and then on to Yellowstone.

Rainy Day Adventures at Long Lake in Clearwater County

Last weekend when I was at the lake attempting my SCUBA open water dives it was sunny, warm, lovely and I got super sun burnt. This weekend for round number two it was windy, cold, and cloudy. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my dives this weekend.